Communiqué – Passport Canada Invites Canadians to Have Their Say

Gatineau, April 7, 2010 - Passport Canada is asking Canadians to provide input on service improvements through public online consultations. Canadians can fill out a short online questionnaire available at

These consultations are taking place at an important moment in Passport Canada's history. In 2012, Canada will begin issuing electronic passports, or ePassports, to all its citizens. The use of ePassports will allow Canada to follow international standards in the field of passport security to protect our borders and maintain the ease of international travel that Canadians currently enjoy. At the same time, Passport Canada will start offering the option of a 10-year validity period as well as the current 5-year validity period.

The adoption of this enhanced, more secure passport, as well as other possible service improvements, may result in a modified fee structure. In light of these upcoming changes, Passport Canada must consult Canadians under the User Fees Act.

To this end, Passport Canada's online questionnaire will allow Canadians to have their say on all aspects of passport services. The input received will help Passport Canada craft a new service and fee proposal. Passport Canada's goal is to make sure the cost of the ePassport is as low as possible.

The Canadian passport is the most reliable travel document for Canadian citizens and the only proof of your nationality and identity that is accepted in all countries. The introduction of the more secure ePassport and other changes will provide a document that benefits all Canadians by protecting the security of Canada. For more information, please visit

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