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Duties of a guarantor

Your guarantor must perform the following tasks free of charge:

  1. Complete and sign the "Declaration of Guarantor" section of your application form.
  2. Write, "I certify this to be a true likeness of (name of applicant or child)" on the back of one of the passport photos and sign.
  3. If applicable, sign and date a copy of each document to support your identity.

The applicant must not assist the guarantor in performing his or her duties. If your guarantor requires assistance, contact Passport Canada.

Eligible guarantors

Your guarantor must:

  1. Hold a 5-year or 10-year Canadian passport that is validFootnote 2 or has been expired for no more than one year, on the day you submit your application;
  2. Have known you (the applicant) personally for at least two (2) years.
    In the case of a child, the guarantor must have known you (the parent or legal guardian who is applying on behalf of the child) personally for at least two (2) years and must have knowledge of the child;
  3. Be a Canadian citizen 18 years of age or older;
  4. Have been 16 years of age or older when he or she applied for his or her own passport;
  5. Provide the requested information contained in his or her passport;
  6. Be accessible to Passport Canada for verification;

In cases where provincial family services have placed a child for adoption with a family, the Provincial Director of Family Services, the Director of the Family Services Agency or the Director of the Incorporated Institution (in Quebec) may also sign as guarantor until the adoption is final (probationary adoption).

Family members

A family member or any individual residing at your address may be your guarantor provided he or she meets the specified requirements. If you are the parent or legal guardian applying for a passport for your child, you cannot act as guarantor; however, the other parent can.

Declaration in lieu of guarantor

If you have not known an eligible guarantor for at least two years, complete form PPTC 132 "Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor" available from any Passport Canada office or by telephone.

Important: A person listed as a reference on the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor cannot be listed as a reference on the passport application.

The "Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor" form must be sworn to or declared before, and signed by, a person authorized by law to administer an oath or a solemn declaration. If completed outside Canada, a qualified official includes a Canadian or British diplomatic or consular representative, or a qualified local official.


Footnote 1

Canadians in the following regions must use the same forms and follow the same rules as Canadians in the United States: Bermuda, American Samoa, the Midway Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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Footnote 2

A guarantor's passport is not considered valid if:

  • It is damaged or inaccessible;
  • It has been suspended or revoked;
  • It has been reported lost or stolen;
  • It has been found and returned to Passport Canada;
  • It has been destroyed by Passport Canada; or
  • Passport Canada has requested that it be returned.

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