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Canadian in Canada

The table below shows the standard passport processing times in Canada. Processing times only start once we have a complete and accurate application and do not include postal delivery time.

Standard processing times
Complete application submittedProcessing time (excludes delivery time or drop-off day)
In person at a Passport office10 business days
By mail20 business days
In person through a receiving agent
(Service Canada or Canada Post)
20 business days

Processing times may change depending on the volume of applications received and are not guaranteed. Complexity of routine verifications and security checks may lead to longer processing times.

Your passport will be sent to you by mail. If you wish to pick up your passport instead of having it mailed, you must apply in person at a Passport Canada office. In addition to the regular passport fee, the following fees will apply.

Urgent and express service

For urgent or express service:

  • You must apply in person at a Passport Canada office
  • Proof of travel is required for urgent service; it may also be requested for express service. Some examples of proof of travel are: an airline, bus or train ticket; a travel itinerary showing proof of payment; or a written statement, if travelling by car (acceptance is at the discretion of the passport officer).
  • Urgent or express applications cannot be submitted by a third party; however, the new passport may be picked up by a third party if they provide written consent from the applicant, as well as valid identification.

The table below shows the expedited processing services available in person at a Passport Canada officeFootnote 2. In addition to the passport fee, these additional fees will apply.

Expedited services available for Canadians in person at a Passport office in Canada
ServiceAdditional feeProcessing time
Urgent pick-upFootnote 2C$11024 hours
Express pick-upFootnote 3C$502 to 9 business days
Standard pick-upFootnote 3C$2010 business days


Footnote 1

Canadians in the following regions must use the same forms and follow the same rules as Canadians in the United States: Bermuda, American Samoa, the Midway Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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Footnote 2

Urgent services are not available at:

  • Canada Post and Service Canada receiving agents; or
  • Passport Canada offices in Pointe-Claire, Whitby, Brampton, Calgary South, Kelowna and Richmond.

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Footnote 3

Standard pick-up and Express services are not available at:

  • Canada Post and Service Canada receiving agents; or
  • the Pointe-Claire Passport Canada office.
  • You may apply for pick-up or express service at the Passport Canada offices in Whitby, Brampton, Calgary South and Richmond, but you will be required to pick up your passport at another location to be confirmed when you submit your application.
  • At the Kelowna Passport Canada office: In-person service (10 working days) and express service (4 to 9 working days) are available.

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